for Android

Utility app for DPs and cinematographers.


Predilux lets you predict the exposure (key light) measured by a light meter, by choosing a light source and a distance. Or inversely measure the distance to the light source by specifying the exposure.
Predilux takes into account:
  • Camera settings (FPS, ISO, Shutter)
  • Source settings (Focalization, Lens, Grid, etc…)
  • Gels (Diffusion, CTO/CTB, CTS, +- Green, and dozen of Effects)
All results have been experimentally verified with a light meter in rental shops. Predilux does not rely on constructor’s data. 
The results might hence differ from the constructors. Imprecisions can be linked to gears maintenance, quality, bulb age, internal mirror aspect, and other factors.
The level of imprecision is usualy around 2/10th of a stop, and in the case of tungsten light sources, it could be around 4/10th of a stop.